Valvoline Rally Małopolski 2022 – join us!

The second edition of the Valvoline Rally Małopolski is fast approaching. This year’s event will be held as part of the Rajdowe Mistrzostwa Południa (South of Poland Rally Championship), the Rajdowe Samochodowe Mistrzostwa Śląska (Silesia Rally Championship) and the Rajdowy Samochodowy Puchar Śląska (Silesia Rally Cup). This year’s competition is based in Maków Podhalański and will include nine special stages with a total length of 56 kilometres, spanning two days (22 and 23 July 2022). There are 120 openings on the entry lists!

The Valvoline Rally Małopolski is an event that appeared on the map last year. Despite the short route, more than 100 teams turned up to compete, presenting a great and exciting show as they vied for the win. This year’s edition will be three times longer in an effort to enter the Polish Rally Championship. The hosts of the event – Automobilklub Śląski – and the promoter (GB promotion) are looking to give their fans a new series of shows to take place in stages.

The teams will compete in nine special stages, and the game will open with a unique night time welcome event. Friday, 22 July will see two runs of the SS LURKA Maków Podhalański (4.40 km long, starting at 6:35 PM and at 9:01 PM), with the SS Stryszów run (3.64 km, starting at 7:13 PM) taking place in-between. Two special sections are planned for Saturday, each of which will be run three times: SS 4/6/8 Kryterium o Puchar Wójta gm. Stryszów (6.81 km, starting at 8:55 AM, 12:20 PM and 3:45 PM) and SS 5/7/9 Sucha Beskidzka, ending with an additional point-scoring opportunity at SS 9 TerazDopł Power Stage (7.68 km, starting at 9:33 PM, 12:58 PM and 4:23 PM). In total, the race will span nearly 56 kilometres. Silesia Rally Cup (without rally license) competitors will compete in Friday’s opening side event at SS LURKA Maków Podhalański (2.42 km), followed by SS 1/3/5 Stryszów (2.41 km) and SS 2/4/6 Sucha Beskidzka (3.41 km) on Saturday.

The entry list is now open and we would like to invite teams from outside Poland to take part in the competition. Foreign competitors who wish to take part in the competition will be exempt from entry fees!

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